es we will. Big time. We know this because we plan events that fit your lifestyle and personality and we spice them up enough to make the occasion memorable. Our ultimate goal is to create at your home the most amazing food and hosting experience. Relax and leave the heavy load to us. We guarantee you we’ll make you shine. 

At Su Chef we start planning your event a few weeks ahead, but we’ll do the best to adjust to your timeline. A successful engagement begins with a clear understanding of what kind of event you want to throw, the food you like and the kind of crowd you are expecting. Once we know that we’re game we design a menu and set-up a plan for the reception. We cater to groups from four to 40 people tops. We love sit-downs, big fat sit-downs, but we also enjoy serving buffets though. 

Our food is fresh, made from scratch and on-premise. You and your guests will be delighted with the experience of having a chef at home cooking for all at will. Allow us to cater your next event, look at our three service packages and choose the one that best works for you. Or contact us so we can help you decide, no strings attached. We’d love to talk to you about 
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