Olga Lora

Chef & Event Planner

Juan Arango


design by OPuro

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, we are Olga Lora and Juan Arango, chefs, event planners, managers and hosts, and yes we are also husband and wife. 

We share a passion for food, cooking and entertaining friends. After years of working as an artist and a graphic designer we decided it was time to go after our longtime dream of having food and hosting business.

No, we haven’t earned any Michelin stars or studied at New York’s CIA or at Paris’ Cordon Bleu, much less have we spent our youth traveling around Europe working with the best chefs at La Provençe, Liguria or Costa Brava. Ok, let’s face it as much as we’d love to, none of that is in our resume. But hey we’re not kidding when we claim we are two amazing cooks and hosts, with great taste, a keen eye for design and an awesome sense for what is good and special. We fix delicious food that people can relate to and we strive to create unique and unforgettable gathering experiences.  Together with our clients we create special combinations of food and entertainment that translate into amazing events. Believe me when I tell you we  will take the concept of good dinning and hosting you are used to up a notch.

Olga and I have been cooking and entertaining for years at our place and at our friends homes, now we thought it was about time we shared this exceptional ability we have with a broader audience, that’s how Su Chef came about. This is who we are. We just hope we can host your next event soon.